The Singh Group legacy dates back to 1961 when Dr. Bhai Mohan Singh, laid the foundation for the Group by establishing Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited. His son Dr. Parvinder Singh later transformed Ranbaxy from an Indian based pharmaceutical company to India’s first multinational pharmaceutical corporation. Thereafter Dr. Parvinder Singh and his sons, Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh, diversified and strengthened the business into healthcare and financial services sectors. Under Malvinder and Shivinder’s entrepreneurial leadership, the Group has contributed significantly to society as well as to the growth of the Indian economy.

Dr. Bhai Mohan Singh (1917 – 2006)

Born on December 30, 1917, Dr. Bhai Mohan Singh was lauded with some of India’s enviable accolades including the highly coveted ‘Padma Shri’ honour for his contribution towards civic matters. In Punjab, an industrial township near Ropar has been named after him in recognition of his outstanding work with regard to Punjab’s industrial development. As founder of Ranbaxy, Dr. Bhai Mohan Singh played a leading role in the evolution of the company. Under his leadership, the company made its mark by reverse engineering several established molecules. From the launch of its first blockbuster drug in the late 1960s to the introduction of a slew of new products in the early 70’s, Ranbaxy struck a sweet spot. With its abilities to manufacture medicines using non-infringing processes, the company never looked back, even as India embraced the process patents regime. A highly respected figure of the Indian pharma industry, he was also a former vice president of the New Delhi Municipal Corporation. Dr Bhai Mohan Singh can be truly credited with having laid the foundation for a strong Pharmaceutical industry in India, following independence.

Dr. Parvinder Singh (1943 – 1999)

Dr Parvinder Singh was a Visionary, a man clearly ahead of his times and one of India’s most distinguished industry leaders. He put the Indian pharmaceutical industry on the global map, taking Ranbaxy, a predominantly Indian company, global. In the process, he established what has widely been recognized as India’s first truly multinational corporation. He set about building a solid company with a strong R&D base, robust world class manufacturing processes. With a Master’s degree in pharmacy from Washington State University and a PhD. from the University of Michigan, Dr. Parvinder Singh joined Ranbaxy in 1967 and later succeeded his father as the Chairman of Ranbaxy in 1993. His in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical business coupled with his innovative style of decision making resulted in Ranbaxy extending its reach across the globe. Dr. Singh exemplified excellence and was a role model and source of inspiration to many people. A man with a deep passion and commitment to progress, he was able to enthuse others to work towards a higher purpose. His vision was to give India a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care.

The Evolution of Our Group: Key Milestones